Family Housing
The MCMWTC Military Family Housing Office is committed to assisting you with your housing needs.


Being stationed at MCMWTC is a unique experience unlike any other base in the US. In addition to the challenging professional experience, being stationed here offers unlimited opportunities for outdoor activities (Fishing, camping, hiking, off-roading, etc…), as well as majestic views, small seasonal shops, and restaurants.  Family Housing is located approximately 60-90 minutes from Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Mountain, Yosemite National Park, and the shopping/entertainment opportunities of the Cities of Carson City, South Lake Tahoe, and Reno.  Additionally, the Commissary, Exchange, and the Child Development Center are co-located with Family Housing.  The local K-12 school is located approximately 1 mile away from Family Housing.





Business Hours:   0800-1630 Monday to Friday

Office Telephone:  530-495-2534

Fax #: 

Location:  LMH Community Center, 600 Davenport Court, Coleville, CA 96107




The MCMWTC Military Family Housing Office is committed to you, our customers, in assisting you with your housing needs. We commit ourselves to the highest level of customer service and strive to exceed your expectations of us. We base our organization on integrity; service and innovation that allows us to better serve the military's finest and their families.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Promote and foster community involvement.

  • Every resident is important to us regardless of rank.

  • Encourage open communication as to allow for change and innovation.

  • Our customers are our most important asset.

Our Mission

  • Focused on meeting and exceeding expectations for safe and attractive community neighborhoods that families enjoy.

  • Always being ready to assist families with questions and concerns in a clear, concise, courteous, and professional manner. Our Families come first.

  • Monitoring and mentoring Maintenance Services that are expedient, trusted and valued.

  • Improving quality of life for our families by creating a positive family housing experience.

Our Vision
To be a world-class Military Family Housing Office. One that becomes a benchmark for other Military Family Housing Offices; one that impresses its customers the first time and every time; one that embraces and effects change versus impeding it; and one that never loses sight that our military families are our most important asset.



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Here is what your MHO can do for you:

Process your application for Family Housing with Liberty Military Housing (LMH).

Provide Family Housing inspection services.  Inspections such as Move-In, Move-out, Make Ready, and Pre-Inspections.  In addition, we can provide other inspection services as requested.

Counsel military personnel authorized to draw Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) before they enter into any lease, rental, or purchase of a home agreement.

Educate military personnel on their rights under the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Provide military personnel and DoD staff in a PCS status area maps, rental listings, landlord listings, sale listings in the work area to assist in the search for off-base housing.

Counsel personnel when purchasing a home.

Mediate Landlord/Tenant disputes.

Review leases.










What is renters insurance?
A renters insurance policy is insurance for those renting housing of any type which protects your personal property against damage or loss and protects you from liability for damage to the rental property associated with your actions, or for someone that is injured while on the rental property you are occupying.

Do you need renters insurance?
You are strongly encouraged to purchase renters insurance to protect against personal loss or liability due to unforeseen circumstances *Renters Insurance is NOT part of the rent you pay to the PPV Partner.

Download our Tenant Guide to Renters Insurance to learn about the different types of coverage, cost of coverage, and what to consider when purchasing a policy.

VIDEO - "5 Fast Facts About Renters Insurance"



Are you a current resident with a housing issue? Download our Dispute Resolution Process in order to correctly address your concerns. 



Your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is the stipend the Department of Defense allocates to pay for the majority of rent and utilities. Download our BAH flier to see what the BAH stipend includes.


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