S-1 Personnel / Administration Office
Base Administrative

Adjutant - Provides administrative support and legal guidance to the Commanding Officer and personnel aboard the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center.  Administers awards program, Training Center Orders, and other administrative programs and policies. 

 Personnel Office – The Personnel office is a standalone section with full administrative rights and capabilities.  The office provides administrative services and support to Training Center Personnel, family members, civilians and retirees aboard the MCMWTC and surrounding areas for DEERS/RAPIDS ID Card Office, Enlisted Manpower/Assignments, Reserve Component Administration (RCA), and Government Travel Charge Card Program (GTCC).

Manpower Analysis  – Works with G-1, MCAGCC to administer the Position Management, Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), Table of Organization (T/O), and other manpower related programs pertaining to efficient and effective organizational management.  Provides support for Officer/Enlisted assignments and administrative/budgetary issues.

Postal Services - Include metering, consolidating, and transporting of all outgoing official mail; bulk mail program; accountable mail; official mail locating/forwarding; onsite Unit Mail Room training.



Adjutant -          760-932-1420 
Admin Chief -    760-932-1431 
Admin Clerk -    760-932-1432 / 1428
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center