Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the new join community aboard the MCMWTC.


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 What websites and social media does the command have that dependents can access?

YouTube Channel – MCMWTC Bridgeport

Instagram - @MWTCBridgeport

Facebook - MCMWTC Family Readiness Official

MCMWTC .mil website -

 How do I contact the MCMTWC Distribution Management Officer?

MCMWTC DMO Office – 760-932-1549

 Do I need a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle?

No.  Four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles are helpful. They do reduce the need to install chains, increase traction with proper tires which ultimately can increase safety. Front-wheel drive vehicles will require chain or cables during some storms. Rear wheel drive vehicles may not be safe to drive during some storms.

 Do I need mud & snow tires for my vehicle?

No, however you do need legal tread depth tires.  Mud and Snow tires or specific winter rated tires with the 3PSF with 6/32” of tread depth improve traction and may reduce the need to install chains. Without these types of tires you will be legally required to install chains in all instances of chain control.

 Do I need to own snow chains or cables for my vehicle?

Yes, you will need Improved Traction Devices (ITD’s) such as chains or cables that fit your specific tire size if you intend to traverse the roads in a snow area.  You may also not be allowed to proceed and turned around if you come to a screening area and you don’t have proper ITDs. The state of California requires ALL vehicles to carry (ITD’s) during chain control.

 Is there a program available so I can carpool to the installation?

The MCMWTC does have a Transportation Incentive Program (TIP)

You can reach the MCMWTC TIP coordinator at (760) 932-1661.

 I hear gas is expensive in the area. Where is the PX Gas station?

There is no PX fuel station aboard the installation, but a fuel farm (operated by the bulk fuel section) conducts cash sales intermittently throughout the week. Currently, sales are cash only. Hours are subject to change depending on other section operations and holiday periods.

There is only one gas station between the military housing and the installation. The closest gas station to military housing is 8 miles to the north and 5.3 miles south.

 What childcare is available?

The child development center offers full-day care for children six weeks to 5 years old, before and after-school care for school-aged children, and a summer program for school-aged care children.

The CDC Phone number is (530) 495-2644 and is located within base housing in Coleville, CA.

 What new parent support is available?

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) is a professional team of registered nurses and licensed clinicians who provide supportive and caring services to military families expecting or with children from birth to five years of age. The NPS Program offers several voluntary programs such as home visits, helping families learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-deployment reunions, and the everyday demands of parenthood, Baby Boot Camp, Infant Massage, Walk and Talk, Let’s Talk Parenting (Virtual), Mom and Munchkins Playgroup, and Swap Meets.

 Where can I get vet care for my pets?

Beale AFB provides quarterly veterinary services at the MCMWTC to care for personal pets. MCMWTC will announce the scheduled visit before this so you can make appointments.

Additionally, there are several vets in the area. A few of them are:

  1. Job's Peak Veterinary Hospital 1454 Southgate Dr. Gardnerville, NV (775) 782-2584 Hours: on call day or night

  2. Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital 1390 Hwy 88 Minden, NV (775) 782-3693

  3. Lone Mountain Vet Hospital 780 College Pkwy Carson City, NV (775) 883-3136

  4. For equine and large animals: Great Basin Equine 320 NV-88 Gardnerville NV (775) 265-7800


Pit Bulls and Potential Dangerous Animals, as defined below, will not be allowed in Family Housing areas under any circumstances. Described as "any mixed breed of dog, which contains, as an element of breeding, either a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier, or identifiable as part of these breeds. Technical deficiencies in a dog's confirmation will not prevent it from being considered a Pit Bull. The base veterinarian will assist in the determination of a dog's breed," as Per MCO 11000.22.


 Where can I find employment opportunities for dependents?

You can find MCCS opportunities on base at

                *Select ‘Prospective Employees’

                *Enter ‘Bridgeport’ in search box

There are also several job opportunities in Gardnerville and Minden, Nevada.

 What resources does MCCS provide?

Marine Corps Exchange (MCX):

-There is an MCX on the installation that is open Monday through Saturday.

-There is an MCX at military housing open seven days a week.

-You can order specially ordered items such as uniforms, electronics, food, and more through the MCMWTC MCX.

-You can reach the MCMWTC MCX POC at (760) 932-1525.

Club – The Pickel Chalet:

-There is a club on base open Monday through Friday for lunch and special events.

Semper Fit:

-There is a gym on base open seven days a week. Regular gym hours are accessible to all authorized patrons, and personnel can purchase an annual 24-hour pass from MCCS for $35.00.

-There is a workout pavilion located at military housing that is free for military housing residents.

-You can contact the MCMWTC Semper Fit Coordinator at (760) 932-1522.

 What Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) resources are available?

If you received orders from MWTC, then you have been formally screened by EFMP. That is if you or your family member were previously enrolled. We do not have an EFMP Coordinator on the base; however, we can provide you with the guidance and contact information for our team in 29 Palms.

If you have matters of concern about a family member's future care, please get in touch with the H&S 1stSgt at (760) 932-1429.

 I hear a financial impact is incurred by being stationed at MWTC. What effects can I expect?

The cost of fuel in the local area tends to be higher than in most places in the US. MCMWTC sells gas on base through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for prices that tend to be two to three dollars less than what you will find in the local area. A commissary provides a wide selection of grocery items that can help you save. California requires individuals traveling on public roads to carry chains or cables, regardless of vehicle type or tires. Due to the austere nature of military housing and severe weather in the Eastern Sierras, power outages at base housing will happen occasionally, so some families have purchased generators to help mitigate this issue. The cold winters require some families who have never lived in a similar environment to purchase cold-weather clothing such as boots, coats, and gloves. Most services are 30-40 minutes from housing, meaning the cost of driving for essential services increases the overall cost of living.

 Because of how austere the base is, do personnel stationed at the MCMWTC get a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)?

Currently, personnel stationed aboard the MCMWTC do not receive COLA.

 Where can I find California’s and Nevada’s regulations for personally owned firearms?


Firearms information for New California Residents:

Transporting Firearms in California:

California DOJ Bureau of Firearms:

California Firearms Laws Summary, pdf (revised 2021):



NV gun laws:

Concealed Carry NV:

Concealed Carry nationwide:

 How do I store firearms as a Marine or sailor in the barracks?

The firearms must be registered with the MCMWTC Police Department and stored in the MCMWTC armory. The weapons are checked out through the armory and are never stored in the barracks or POV.

 Do I have to register my firearms when living in base housing?

All firearms must be registered with the MCMWTC Police Department. All firearms stored in housing must have a trigger lock and be locked in a firearms case.

 Can I conceal carry a personal firearm in base housing?


 Why do we need to complete an overseas screening checklist for a duty station that is not overseas?

The MCMWTC is a remote location and resources, medical care, and necessities are harder to come by. We want to ensure service members and their families are appropriately equipped and screened before receiving orders to Bridgeport. Additionally, the MCMWTC is an arduous environment, and an overseas screening allows you better to understand your medical needs and state of physical fitness.

*DOD Instruction 1315.19

*MCO 1300.8

*OPNAVINST 1300.14

 I hear there are many challenges to living in the area. What are those challenges, and how can I prepare for them?

-There is a lot of wildlife in the area, like bears, deer, and mountain lions are prevalent and should be considered when driving and conducting outdoor activities.

-Weather conditions during the winter season can make driving quite challenging. Specific routes may only be maneuverable by AWD-capable vehicles with snow tires & chains.

-We are in a high-fire danger area, which can result in evacuations and prolonged power outages. Emergency preparedness plans and generators are recommended.

-The high-elevation environment requires a transition period for your body due to reduced oxygen levels (CFT/PFT).

- Due to the austere location of both the installation and military housing, most services and amenities such as gas, vehicle mechanics, grocery stores, dry cleaning, and home improvement stores are located further (30-45 drive from military housing and 60-90 minutes from the installation).

 Why does everyone have their sleeves down in the summer?

Due to weather conditions and the nature of the installation, all personnel stationed aboard MCMWTC are authorized by the commanding officer to wear sleeves down in summer.

 What cell phone providers work in the Training Areas?

Verizon and AT&T are hit-and-miss in the training areas depending on the specific location.


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 Where can I find information on the Single Marine Program at MWTC?

Information on the Single Marine Program can be found on our MCCS website at by clicking on the Single Marine Program icon.

You can contact the MCMWTC SMP Coordinator at (760) 932-1522.

 As a single Marine how do I get a barracks room?

Please contact the housing director for barracks room information.


Housing FAQ's

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 What amenities does military housing offer?

The family housing area offers Broadband internet, Clubhouse, a fitness center, a basketball court, a community center, playgrounds, resident events, Child Development Center, Commissary, Exchange, individual backyards, counselors, garbage pick-up, and community landscaping.

 Where is military housing located if it is not on the installation?

Family Housing is located approximately 27 miles north of the installation in Coleville, CA.

 Where can I find pictures of military housing and floor plans for each housing model?

Floor plans are available at Once you reach the website, type "Coleville" into the search bar in the middle of the screen, or you can click the "Our Communities" tab and type "Coleville" into the search.

 How long is the commute from military housing to the installation?

It takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions.

 What school does dependents go to when living in military housing?

Coleville Schools:

Antelope Elementary School (K-8) -

Coleville High School (9-12) -

School Liaison Program

 What cell phone providers work in military housing?

Verizon is the only provider that works at the base and family housing. Other services can be very hit or miss.

 What internet providers are available in military housing?

Mono Broad Band - 

Schat Communications -

 What television providers are available in military housing?

Unfortunately, traditional cable companies are not available.  However, streaming services such as YouTube Live, Hulu Live, Sling, Prime, etc… are available.  “Rabbit ear” antenna TV may be available. Direct TV and Dish satellite is available.  However you cannot mount the dish antennae to the house.

 If I choose to live in military housing where do I buy groceries for my family?

There is a small Commissary located at family housing.  Walmart, Smith’s, Raley’s, Grocery Outlet, are in Gardnerville, NV (approximately 30 min drive).  Costco is located in Carson City, NV (approximately 50 min drive).

 If I do not want to live in military housing, where else can I live?

While it will take some searching, the closest available rentals to the base are in Walker, CA, Coleville, CA, and Wellington, NV. These locations are all within a 20-40 min drive from the base. Gardnerville, NV, has the most available rentals and is approximately a one-hour drive from the base.

Local and Regional Maps

 If I choose not to live in military housing, what other school districts are available?

CA Residents: Eastern Sierra Unified School District -

NV Residents: Douglas County School District -


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 How does TRICARE work? Who is a good POC for this?

Due to the remote geographic location of the MWTC, TRICARE beneficiaries are eligible for TRICARE Prime Remote (TPR). Enrollees in TPR will be assigned an in-network Primary Care Manager (PCM) who will provide the majority of their care and network referrals as necessary. This plan has no enrollment fees or out-of-pocket costs (if using PCM or with approved referrals), but enrollment is a REQUIREMENT upon arrival. 

Enrollment is simple:

i. Update address with DEERS

ii. Enroll online or over the phone:

* Online: or  

* By Phone: 1-844-866-9378

*You can find more information on TPR here: or by calling Branch Health Clinic Bridgeport at (760) 932-1616

 Where is the closest primary medical care provider for dependents?

Primary care providers can be found in Bridgeport, Gardnerville, Minden, and Carson City. Availability will vary by clinic. 

When enrolled in Tricare Prime Remote, you will be assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM). You can also search for a PCM here:

 Does the Navy medical clinic on base provide dental services?

*The Bridgeport Branch Health Clinic does NOT have routine dental services. Dental readiness services are available for active duty personnel one week of each calendar quarter through a support agreement. Dental care outside these periods and emergency dental services are obtained from network dentists via the Active Duty Dental Program. 

More information can be found here:

 Does the Navy medical clinic on base provide services to family members?

Branch Health Clinic Bridgeport provides urgent care services to dependents ages 8+.

Urgent care services include sports physicals, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, strep throat, cough, & bronchitis.

To be seen, call (760) 932-1616 for a telephone screening and appointment booking.


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 What cities or towns are near the base? What do those locations have to offer?

About Bridgeport, CA:

Bridgeport is a hub of recreation in the Eastern Sierras. With all the benefits and amenities of a small town, it is known for its fishing, gorgeous lakes and streams, hiking amongst beautiful mountains, and stunning fall colors. As the County Seat for Mono County, it boasts the second oldest Courthouse in California, operating continuously. The installation is not located within the City of Bridgeport proper. It is 17 miles north of downtown Bridgeport.


About Coleville, CA:

Wildlife enthusiasts will discover Canadian Geese to Bald Eagles, and several have spotted California's largest mule deer herd. This city was a critical stage and freighter stop during the Gold rush, known as Centerville. You will think you have struck gold, with the warmth of people always glad to see you. Coleville is where base housing is located. Base housing is 27 miles north of the installation and is run by Liberty Military Housing. You can find Lincoln Military Housing on this website:


About Topaz, CA, and Topaz Lake:

The most northern town in Mono County, Topaz provides services for visitors to Topaz Lake. It is a recreation paradise known for its prize-winning trout, nine-month fishing season, and water sports. Visitors can also try their luck at the casino just over the Nevada border overlooking the lake. Catching trophy-sized fish is one of many things happening at Topaz Lake, a boater’s dream destination that rests at 5,000 feet altitude. Camping, fishing, picnicking, boating, water skiing, and gambling are also within a five-minute radius. Locals and visitors abroad will enjoy a fun-filled time in this outdoor lovers' paradise.

Click here for more:

Topaz, CA:

Topaz Lake:


About Gardnerville and Minden, NV:

Gardnerville and Minden are thriving communities in the heart of the beautiful Carson Valley located 45 miles north of base housing. Their location is ideal for nature lovers and the more suburbanites. The splendor of Lake Tahoe is just a short drive to the west, and Reno is less than an hour north. Northern Nevada has a healthy economy, and Carson Valley is no exception. Housing is plentiful, and there are various communities within the area for all income levels.

Gardnerville, NV:

Minden, NV:


About Carson City:

The capital city of Nevada has a rich history and is located 58 miles north of base housing. It was founded as a community in 1858 after the famed Christopher "Kit" Carson. There is a myriad of things to do and see in Carson City. See for yourself by clicking this link:


About Reno:

Besides providing the airport in the area, Reno is coined as "the biggest little city in the world." It is located 83 miles north of base housing in the southern part of Washoe County, nestled on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in an area called the Truckee Meadows. The Truckee Meadows and surrounding area provide endless indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Find out more by clicking this link:


About South Lake Tahoe:

South Lake Tahoe is a California resort city on Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is known for its picnic areas and nearby ski resorts and beaches, like El Dorado Beach.

Click here for more:

 What temporary lodging is available in the area?

The MCMWTC does have transient quarters for authorized guests. For reservations, please call (760) 932-1487.


Civilian Lodging Options:

Bodie Victorian Hotel:                        (760) 932-7020

Doc & Al’s Resort:                             (760) 932-7051

Silver Maple Inn:                               (760) 932-7383

Virginia Lakes Resort:                       (760) 647-6484

Walker River Lodge:                          (760) 932-7021

Willow Springs Motel & RV:               (760) 932-7725

Andryss Motel                                    (530) 495-2216

Meadowcliff Resort:                           (888) 333-8132

Sierra Retreat:                                   (888) SIERRA-8

Topaz Lodge:                                     (800) 962-0732

 Where is the nearest airport located?

Reno/Tahoe International Airport:

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center