Marine Corps Police Department
Mission Assurance

The Marine Corps Police Department’s mission is to conduct law enforcement, criminal and traffic investigations and provide police community relations under the auspice of providing a safe and secure environment aboard the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport.  The Chief of Police is a special staff officer to the Installation Commander, whose primary responsible is to protect and serve the general public who work and live aboard MCMWTC Bridgeport and Lincoln Military Family Housing.

Military Police Operations:

An integrated force of dedicated law enforcement professionals whose primary responsibilities focuses on law enforcement operations designed to protect Marine Corps assets, Military Members and their families.  Specific services include but are not limited to First Responder Emergency Services, Traffic Enforcement, Criminal Investigations, Law Enforcement Briefs, and Special Events.


Administration and Services:

A small staff of administrative professionals dedicated in providing various services, including but not limited to fingerprinting, police records, vehicle registration, weapons registration, visitor passes, and general correspondence.


Crime Prevention and Physical Security:

Primarily responsible for enforcing Marine Corps physical security policies, procedures, new construction requirements, and managing all crime prevention programs including the MWTC’s Neighborhood Watch and Eagle Eyes.  Additional services include physical security surveys, crime prevention surveys, criminal intelligence analysis, and all mandatory physical security inspections.


Hours of Operation:

Administration, Services, Physical Security and Crime Prevention offices are open Monday – Friday, excluding federal holidays from 0730 – 1530.  Military Police Operations and Investigations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.


Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q)  How do I report a criminal offense?

(A)  In all emergency related cases, dial 911.  In all other cases, dial X1466/1496.

(Q)  What do I do if I see something suspicious?

(A)  When in doubt, report it.  There are several venues available such as Eagle Eyes (an online anonymous reporting system accessible via, the emergency dispatch line 911, and/or any one of the phone numbers listed above.

(Q)  What is required for contractors, vendors, visitors and/or Non-DoD affiliates to gain access aboard the MCMWTC?

(A)  All individuals identified above are required to have a federal agency and/or DoD affiliate sponsor them aboard the MCMWTC and/or Lincoln Military Family Housing.  Individual visitors or DoD guest who are here for a short duration not to exceed 72 hours, will be provided a temporary pass and escorted by their sponsor aboard the installation.  All long term guest, contractors, and vendors will be required to apply for a Business Pass and/or Guest Pass.

 Under such circumstances, the sponsoring organization/individual will be required to submit a “Letter of Sponsorship” to the MCPD five working days in advance.  During the application process, all applicants will subject to verification and law enforcement record checks.  Upon arrival, all contractors, vendors and long term guest will be required to check in with the MCPD aboard the MWTC prior to gaining access.  The contractor, vendor and/or long term guest must have in their possession valid picture identification and a copy of the sponsorship letter.  If operating a vehicle aboard the MWTC, the driver/owner will be required to present proof of insurance and state registration.


Emergency Dispatch - 911              (Mono County Sheriffs’ Dept - LTE)
Emergency Dispatch - 760-932-1466     (On-base land-line)

Desk Sergeant                       760-932-1496

Police Admin & Services        760-932-1495

Physical Security                   760-932-1667

Crime Prevention                   760-932-1667

Criminal Investigations           760-932-1582 or 760-932-1466 (after hours)

Office of Professional Standards   760-932-1582

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center