Bridgeport Transient Quarters

Reservation Requirements:

1. Person must be traveling on funded TAD/TDY orders.
2. Space "A" first come first serve basis.
3. Must provide credit card to guarantee reservation.

For pricing and to make a reservation call the "Front Desk" at (760) 932-1487 and provide the following information:

1. Arrival Date
2. Departure Date
3. Name and Rank
4. Purpose of TAD/TDY Visit
5. Parent Command
6. Credit Card

Guarantee Policy:
Guest has until noon of the arrival date to guarantee a reservation with a credit card. Failure to guarantee the reservation may result in the reservation being canceled.

Cancellation Policy:
- Reservations not canceled by 1300 local time one day prior to scheduled arrival date will be subject to charges for one night's stay. The credit card used to guarantee your reservation will be charged.
-Personnel that are not traveling on funded TAD/TDY order may be housed on a space available basis (day-by-day, walk-in only).

Group reservations can be made by calling (760) 932-1487

Rules of Stay:
- All quarters are non-smoking.
- No pets are allowed.
- Check-in time: 1500
- Check-out time: 1200
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center