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How to access the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center.


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The Vehicle Registration Office is open Monday through Friday, with the exceptions of holidays, from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm. We are located at Bldg 4060 (Between the Pickel and the Gym). For questions, please call (760) 932-1496.



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In order to verify eligibility to sponsor, you must provide the Visitor Center with your ranklast namefirst namelast 4 of SSN, and a contact number in case any further information is required. If a sponsor profile cannot be found, or has outdated or incomplete information, the sponsor will be required to come to VREGs in person to update their profile prior to sponsoring any guests.

Once verified, the sponsor will need to provide the following guest information: first and last name, duration/dates of stay and destination. A pass will be issued upon completion of a standard background check and the guest(s) will be authorized unescorted access. The sponsor will be responsible for guest(s) for the duration of their visit.



The requesting unit must provide a list of visitors prior to the event. The list must include the sponsor’s name and guest(s) full names. Once a list is complete, email your list to no less than 3 days in advance due to planning requirements.

When the visiting guest(s) arrive, they will be required to provide a REAL ID or be prepared to present an additional authorized form of identification at the gate if a license states FLA. The sentry will match the name on the list to the name on the identification card (e.g. driver’s license), and then grant Escorted Access to the special event.

If the guest would like to attend any base facilities or locations other than Special Event, they will need to visit VREGs in order to gain a visitor pass.


For access to base facilities other than the special event location, guests will need to request a visitor pass through the Vehicle Registration Center located outside of the main gate at Building 4060. They will need to either have a sponsor present when requesting a pass, or have a sponsor call Vehicle Registration at (760) 932-1496 to sponsor over the phone. A pass will be issued on completion of a background check, granting Escorted Access, and the sponsor will be responsible for guest(s) for the duration of their visit.

If you need to register a vehicle, weapon or pet on base, this can be done at VREGS as well. Here is a list of the required documentation you will need in order to register each:

  • Valid Vehicle Registration
    • If you are registering a vehicle that is not in your name, you must have a notarized letter from the individual named in the registration allowing you permission to operate that vehicle
  • Driver’s License
  • Valid Vehicle Insurance
  • Driver Improvement Course (Military 25 and younger only)
  • Military ID (Military Only)
  • Smog Check for vehicles 8 years or older to comply with the California Clean Air Act
    • Gas Vehicles 1974 or older are exempt from CA Smog laws
    • Diesel Vehicles 1996 and older are exempt from CA Smog Laws

  • Valid Identification / Driver’s License
  • Completed Weapon Registration Form (Completed at VREGs)
  • Proof of ownership
  • Receipt and documentation (If purchased at MCX)

  • Military ID/Dependent ID
  • All Shot records
  • Rabies Vaccine Records

*You are NOT required to bring your pet or weapon to VREGs when registering, only the above mentioned documentation.



FLA: An ID that states Federal Limits Apply, Not for REAL ID purposes, Not For Federal Identification, or any verbiage similar to that effect.

General Base Access: General Base Access allows an individual unescorted access throughout the base, allowing access to facilities within the MCMWTC.

REAL ID: A REAL ID includes minimum security standards for license issuance required by Department of Homeland Security and is accepted by federal agencies for certain purposes such as driver license and identification cards and is issued by a state, territory, possession, or the District of Columbia.

Escorted Access: Escorted access allows guests the opportunity to access base facilities under the supervision of their sponsor. Escorted Guests are not authorized to access base facilities without a sponsor present.

Unescorted Access: Unescorted access allows guests the opportunity to access base facilities and locations without a sponsor.

Sponsor: A sponsor is any Service member, DOD employee, spouse, dependent or CAC-enabled ID holder who is authorized to escort guests onto the MCMWTC. Sponsor must be 18 years or older.

Guest: A guest is any person(s) attempting to access the base without a DOD ID, Military ID, or a DBIDS ID.

Special Event: A special event is a planned event where off-base personnel are invited to attend. These events include but are not limited to: Concerts, sporting events, unit homecomings, promotions, retirements, etc.

VREGS: Vehicle Registration.

Trusted Traveler: A guest who is authorized Escorted Access when being driven onto the installation by an authorized individual or base personnel between 5:30 AM and 8:00 PM daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What documents are required to register my vehicle aboard MCMWTC?
A. You must present a valid state driver’s license, military ID, valid state registration and valid insurance. If your vehicle is registered out of state, you must also show proof of a smog test that meets the state of California’s requirements. Drivers who are 25 and younger must show proof of completion of the Driver’s Improvement Course.

Q. Why does my vehicle require a Smog Test?
A. Smog tests are required by MCO P5090.2A, BO 5090.1A, and applicable federal law which mandates compliance with a state’s Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) Program. The I&M program in California is managed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair and NOT the Department of Motor Vehicles.

A Smog Test Is Not Required:

1. For new vehicles purchased from a CA dealer.
2. For vehicles with current and valid permanent CA registration.
3. For 1975 and older vehicles.
4. For vehicles that are registered out of state, are six (6) model years old or newer and were purchased from a CA dealer. The owner must show proof that the vehicle was purchased from a CA dealer.

A Smog Test Is Required:

1. For all vehicles registered in a state other than CA and have not passed an initial CA smog test.

MCO P5090.2A - Chapter 6, Section 6104(5)(c) requires vehicles operated on a facility to comply with state requirements even if the vehicle is not registered in that state.

BO 5090.1A - Paragraphs 3, Section C identifies vehicles which are required to have a smog check. Paragraph 5, Section D requires the AC/S SES to obtain proof of a smog test as a condition of issuing a base decal.

Note: The vehicle must pass ALL areas of the smog test to include emission, functional, and visual areas. The two most common reasons a vehicle will fail a smog test is for the “Check Engine” light being on, and for modifications to the engine/emissions system not approved by the California Air Resources Board, even though the modification may be legal in the registration state.

If you have more questions about the Smog Check required by the State of California, please visit:

Q. Are diesel vehicles required to have a smog test?
A. Yes. Effective 01Jan2010, California mandated smog emission inspection for diesel-powered vehicles manufactured in or after 1998, and who have a gross vehicle rating of (GVR) of 14,000 pounds or less. Biennial smog inspection requirements began on 20Apr2010.

Q. The vehicle I drive is registered in a relative or other person’s name. Can I register it on base?
A. Yes, provided that you have a notarized letter from the owner authorizing you to operate the vehicle, including the period of operation, and present proof that you are insured for driving that vehicle for an extended period. As a reminder, the decal is for your use only.

Q. Why is my base decal not valid until the EAS shown on my military ID card?
A. Decals are issued for a maximum of three years or until the EAS the military ID card, whichever is sooner.

Q. My relatives are visiting. Can they get a decal for their vehicle?
A. No. However, the Base Housing Office will issue a letter to all registered house guests verifying that they are authorized to stay on base. Registered house guests should show this letter to gate sentries and follow the direction of the sentries regarding access to the base.

Q. If my vehicle does not meet the requirements for a decal, can I get a Temporary Pass?
A. Yes, provided that you have insurance on that vehicle. Temporary Passes are issued for 60 days intervals.

Q. What order regulates the issuance of vehicle registration aboard MCMWTC?
A. Base Order 5000.2K.

Q. How do I register my motorcycle aboard the base?
A. To register your motorcycle aboard the installation the following will apply to all categories of personnel (active duty, reserve, retired military, dependents, DoD civilians, et. al.) unless otherwise specified:

To obtain a 30 day pass

1. All military personnel under the age of 26 must show proof of Driver’s Improvement Course (DIC) completion.

2. Present valid state motorcycle operator’s license or permit.

3. Present DoD identification card.

4. Present valid registration.

5. Provide proof of insurance as indicated in the vehicle code.

6. Provide proof of Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) approved Basic Rider Course enrollment.

7. If a rider requests a second 30 day temporary pass due to failure to attend a scheduled BRC, the request must be endorsed by the unit commander.

To obtain a permanent decal

1. All military personnel under the age of 26 must show proof of Driver’s Improvement Course (DIC) completion.

2. Present valid state motorcycle operator’s license or permit.

3. Present DoD identification card.

4. Present valid registration.

5. Provide proof of insurance as indicated in the vehicle code.

6. Present a valid Student Completion Card of the Motorcycle Rider Course (MCB CamPen Yellow card) or any other valid MSF Basic Rider Course completion card.

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