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Mission Statement:

The mission of MCMWTC Environmental section is "To support the mission of the MCMWTC by facilitating continued sustainability of the MCMWTC training areas and training venue; while at the same time ensuring a high level of regulatory compliance by all activities associated with MCMWTC operations."

Leave no trace

Report trash withing the training area

Help us to keep the lands clean and clear of trash. If you spot trash within the training areas please contact the Environmental Section and report the location.

Call - 760-932-1457

Email - bdgp_cdo.fct@usmc.mil





The MCMWTC has abundant wildlife in our surrounding area that very active year around. 



Please conduct the following activities daily:

1)      Secure your work space dumpsters outside with the chain that is on the dumpster lid.

2)      Secure your outside work areas. All areas should be void of trash and food debris.

3)      Do not leave food or hygiene items in your POV or a Government vehicle.

4)      Ensure that all work spaces are secure at the end of the business day. Lock and secure all windows and doors before leaving.

5)      Secure all outside trash cans at the PX, TQ and LBC.

6)      Secure all BBQ grills or other outdoor cooking appliances

7)      Secure the grease trap at the chow hall and the Pickel Chalet.

If we do all of these things we will discourage bears and other wildlife from foraging in our areas. If we do not do these things the bears and other wildlife will cause damage to government facilities, vehicles and personal property.



We live in bear country

We live in bear country, so remember that : "A Fed Bear is A Dead Bear". California Department of Wildlife does not relocate bears that are getting into trash and other resources for food, they shoot and kill them on site. We must do our part to ensure that the bears that inhabit our area are safe and free from human interaction.

If you encounter a bear do the following:

1)      Back away from the bear and let the bear know you see him

2)      Make loud noises

3)      Make yourself look larger that you are

4)      Do not run

5)      Do not approach the bear or the cubs in the surrounding vicinity

6)      Notify PMO and Environmental ASAP

Please be BEAR AWARE



Brochures & Posters


              Bear Brochure                                  Campers Guide to                                     Coyote Brochure                            Mountain Lion Brochure
                                                                        Being Bear Aware



              Home Owners Guide                             Mule Deer Brochure                                      Deer Migration Brochure
              to Living with Wildlife



                      Mule Deer Poster                                             Mountain Lion Poster                                       Coyote Poster



Environmental Director 

Natural Resource Specialist 

Environmental Protection 

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Commanding Officer
Attn: Environmental Director
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
(Bldg 2001) Bridgeport, CA 93517
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center