This Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, 42 United States (U.S.) Code §§ 4321–4370h, as implemented by the Council on Environmental Quality Regulations, and 40 Code of Federal Regulations §§ 1500–1508. The Proposed Action would implement the planning actions developed in the United States (U.S.) Marine Corps (USMC) Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) Bridgeport Master Plan (hereafter referred to as “Master Plan”). The Master Plan provides a development roadmap for MCMWTC that extends more than 20 years into the future. The future development plan and associated planning actions described in this EA would be used to inform leadership, stakeholders, and the Commands operating at MCMWTC about development opportunities and potential impacts. The purpose of the Proposed Action is to enhance MCMWTC operations and training proficiency and to improve the planning and management of MCMWTC activities on land owned by the Department of Defense. The Proposed Action is needed to ensure MCMWTC possesses the required facilities to support and maintain future training requirements. The Proposed Action is also needed to provide safe, flexible, energy and economically efficient facilities to meet current and future installation mission requirements. This EA analyzes the potential environmental consequences associated with the Proposed Action and No-Action Alternative. The following resource areas were evaluated for environmental impacts: biological resources; cultural resources; soils and water resources; hazardous materials and waste; air quality; ground transportation; utilities and infrastructure; and noise. 

Prepared By: United States Marine Corps
Point of Contact: Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
Attention: Martin Brent Husung, Environmental Director
HC-83, Box 1
Bridgeport, CA 93517

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Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center